Cumbria M.A.G.


2002 AGM Minutes


Date:    21st September 2002


Venue:  King’s Arms Hotel, King Street, Ulverston


22 people present.


  1. Cumbria committee chairman, Paul Smith, opened the meeting. 


  1. NC observer, Neil Liversidge, not present.


  1. It was agreed that Paul Smith would chair the AGM.  Minutes of 2001 AGM were adopted.


  1. Agreed to adopt standard AGM agenda and pass over any items that were not relevant.


  1. Copies of the Regional Rep’s, Brian Hodgson, report were circulated.


  1. Regional rep unable to attend meeting due to work commitments, therefore unable to have ‘questions to the regional rep’.


  1. Regional Treasurer, Clare Travers, presented accounts to the meeting.


  1. Regional Treasurer confirmed that she had copies of local group accounts and that these were available for meeting attendees to inspect.


  1. It was decided to cover items 9 to 12 with the following reports


Regional Clubs Officer


South Lakes Motorcycle club have affiliated.  Club numbers have doubled from two to four in the past year and another club based in Penrith are interested.

Three clubs, about 20 people, attended the ‘Meet & Greet’ event.  Everyone enjoyed the event and were keen to do it again.


Furness Report


One year since group reformed.  A party on Piel Island was organised earlier in the year and this was very successful.  A Xmas event has been arranged for 14th December.  The Furness AGM takes place on 5th October and a treasurer will be elected.  Once this has happened, a donation will be made to the Cumbria funds.


Whitehaven Report


Secure motorcycle parking is now available at 3 locations in Whitehaven.

100 people attended the charity Easter egg run and 2 successful ‘ride-outs’, attracting 25 – 30 people each, have been held.  A weekend event may be organised next year.  The ‘ride-outs’ are being used to encourage membership.

Whitehaven MAG website is now set up.

A Tombola stall held at the local carnival and £80 was raised at a MAG barbeque, 20 people attended.

6 – 10 people regularly attend meetings.


Kendal Report


Attendance at meetings is declining.

Westmorland Gazette regularly contact Kendal MAG for opinions on motorcycle related issues e.g. parking and ‘spot checks’ at Devil’s Bridge.

Still involved in the Kendal Traffic Steering Group.

Bike Show at the Brewery was well attended despite the bad weather.


Workington Report


Caroline Heaney, the Workington Rep., was unable to attend the meeting due to work commitments.  Clare Travers, The regional secretary, read out her report. 


15.    Discussions took place about the Glowing Lamb.  Terry Maxwell is keen to hold a regional event, maybe not as big as the Glowing Lamb but something local.  Paul Smith suggested that in principle a good idea, but rather than resurrect the Glowing Lamb we should start something new.  It was suggested that we start planning now for late Summer 2003.  Raj Sood suggested it was located in central Cumbria, within striking distance of the M6 e.g. Penrith area.   Raj stressed that people needed to be committed to the event for it to work.  Perhaps other MAG groups should be contacted for volunteers to help with marshalling.


                   NC Observer, Neil Liversidge,  arrived at 1.30pm  and apologised to the meeting for his late arrival, caused by traffic hold ups.


16.    No comment


17.    New Cumbria patches are available and stickers will be ready soon. 

Raj suggested producing a sponsored T-shirt again.  Paul Smith invited members to come up with design ideas.


18.    Brian has volunteered to continue as Regional Rep.  Neil Liversidge suggested also electing a Deputy Regional Rep to help Brian.  Brian was elected by a unanimous vote.


19.    Volunteers for the post of Deputy Regional Rep were invited. George Wilson volunteered and was voted in unanimously.

Ann Crayston volunteered to continue as Clubs Liaison Officer and was voted in unanimously.

Clare Travers Volunteered to continue as Treasurer and Secretary and was voted in unanimously.

20.    Anne Crayston put forward proposal to change AGM day to a Sunday on behalf of Caroline Heaney.  The proposal was carried by a majority vote.


21.    There were 2 nominees for the Member of the Year Award.  Stan proposed Terry Maxwell for his sterling work and encouragement and Anne proposed Raj Sood  for his 10 years of hard work during which time he started the West Cumbria MAG group and organised many events.  Raj was the winner with a majority vote.


22.    The next AGM will be held on Sunday 21st September 2003 in Kendal.  Time and venue will circulated when available.


23.    Neil Liversidge was invited to speak.  He praised the turn out  and said he would like to see a Cumbria event organised.  Neil presented Raj with the Member of the Year trophy.


                   Meeting closed at 2.05 pm