Cumbria M.A.G.

2004 AGM Minutes



Date: 19th September 2004


Venue: Bigrigg Village Hall, Bigrigg, Egremont, Cumbria.


People present:    Caroline Heaney, Anne Crayston, David Crayston, Paul Turner, Gerry Orton,

Mark Bailey, Rajeev Sood, Ian Jones, Chris Kelly, Judith Moore, Craig Hukins, Barry Easdon, Mike Marsden, John Marsden, Dave York, George Wilson, Phil Sherwood, Peter Standish, Terry Maxwell, Brian Hodgeson, Tracey Bruce, Mike Bruce, Andy Britton

Non–members:    Jan Bartle

Apologies received:  Peter Steen      


1.        Cumbria Committee Chairman (Anne Crayston) opened meeting at 1.30pm


2.        NC observer – Ian Churchlow (not present at opening of meeting)


3.        It was agreed that Anne Crayston  would chair the Meeting. Minutes of 2003 AGM were adopted.


4.        Agreed to adopt standard AGM agenda and pass over any items that were not relevant.


5.        Regional Reps Report: Not available


      6.     No questions to Regional Rep


      7.     Regional Financial Report not made available – Regional Treasurer not present


      8.       Accounts from local groups presented – Regional Treasurer not present to present them to.


      9.       It was decided to cover items 9 to 10 with the following reports


                Regional Clubs Officer Report          

Anne reports loss of 2 clubs and struggling to find time to dedicate to this particular job, would be happy to hand over to anyone wishing to volunteer. 


Kendal Report  No representatives from Kendal


Whitehaven Report


Anne took over position of Rep in February from Terry Maxell and made the following report: Had the largest ever attendance at this years Easter Egg, and had a raffle which raised £40 for mag. 

Steady increase in members, an average of 20 members turning up at each meeting.

Bank Holiday May ride out organized by Terry had an excellent turnout. 

June Into the Pink Party did extremely well with over 120 people turning up and we made over £600 profit.  Will be doing again next year. 

Taken part in lots of different letter campaigns including; Environmentally friendly motorway lane campaign, TRF Green lane, Transparency in Motor Insurance etc.,

Our first ever appointment with local MP Jack Cunningham, which went well. 

Carnival stall made £110 and so it was decided we would buy a gazebo.

We received a £50 donation from Lions for marshalling Carnival. 

BBQ/Treasure Hunt made £166 and Crab Fair £120. 

Discount negotiated with Dave Milling. 

Because MAG is a registered charity, we have been able to register with a cheap mini bus. 

Bikesafe, well attended and supported, inc MAG Notice board display. 

Paul Turner put in for and received money from Neighborhood forum which has bought us the above mentioned notice board and flouresant bibs. 

Thanks to W’ven members for all help and support.

A total of £1000 donation to the fighting fund to be sent in to MAG central.


                Furness Report


Good Piel Party

Planning Christmas Party on Sat 11th Dec at the Cons Club – Top band booked and looking into B&B for people from away


11.                 Streetbiker  - Anne trying to get them into county waiting for Ian Muchie to sort.


12.           Election of Regional Rep Paul Turner proposed by Caroline, seconded by Terry all agreed.



13.             Other Elections: 

Regional Secretary - Caroline Heaney, proposed by Anne, Paul 2nd   all agreed

Regional treasurer - Current  Treasurer Clare Travers not present – Caroline Heaney proposed by Anne, Peter Standish 2nd all agreed.

Regional Clubs – Phil Sherwood  proposed by Anne, 2nd Rajeev – all agreed.

Regional Dealers – Position not filled, decided to leave with local dealer’s liaison officers.


14.            Member of The Year – Terry Maxwell has been prop by Rajeev , Anne 2nd because of all his hard

      work as local rep for the last 4/5 years and worked hard to build up Whitehaven group. 


15.            Special Presentation made to Brian Hodgson for all his hard work as Regional Rep over the last

       few years, a certificate and inflatable sofa as a sign of our appreciation.  Thank you Brian.


16.           Any other business


George Wilson requested a date for pink do asap – Anne will look in to.

Hein Gerike, Carlisle.  Caroline will look into discount situation

Rajeev proposed revamping Cumbria MAG logo/image/flag – few ideas banded around – Craig will have a go at a design for a flag for a start.  Mark 2nd – Majority ok


Meeting closed 2.10pm.


Followed by Talk by NC Observer Ian Churchlow – Interesting talk/discussion on various MAG campaigns etc, including a  heated debate on the donation made to help fight the helmet law and other issues, speed cameras etc.  Thank you Ian.


Date and time set for next AGM Sunday 18th September 2005 – Furness MAG to host.