Cumbria M.A.G.

2005 AGM Minutes

Date: 18th September 2005


Venue: Askam Rugby club, Askam in Furness.

People present: Caroline Heaney, Anne Crayston, Paul Turner,

Mark Bailey, Chris Kelly, Judith Moore, Craig Hukins, Mike Marsden, John Marsden, Dave York, Peter Standish, Brian Hodgeson, Mike Bruce, Gordon Wood, John Owen.

Non–members: Jan Bartle

Apologies received: Rajeev Sood, Terry Maxwell.


Meeting opened by Paul Turner Regional Rep at 2.10pm


Introduction of NC observer Ian Churchlow and other committee members.


Agenda and minutes of previous AGM agreed and approved.


Regional Reps Report:


Mr P Turner;  Have just completed my first year as Regional Rep, have attended all NC meetings and still finding feet.  On local level involved in Cumbria Police Accident Reduction Committee.  Has information on this to pass on and particularly interested in barrier discussion.  New development regarding Hartside accident numbers, currently in discussion with Cumbria County Council who approached us via our website on the issue and request our input.  Brian will work with Paul on this issue.  Local Funds are good.  Must try to hit local clubs for affiliation, which is down nationally.  Brian was awarded honorary life membership earlier this year by National committee, which received several good write ups in local press.


Any questions to Regional Rep?  No


Presentation of regional accounts: Done by Caroline


Presentation of local accounts received from Whitehaven and Furness.



Local Reports:




Continue to get the same good support from Crooks with supply of raffle prizes etc, Continuing with Piel Parties which always go down well and are going to keep limit of about 50 on this.  Christmas Party is sorted, band booked.  Taking place in Barrow Cons Club on Sat 3rd December.  Open fancy dress.  Jan taking names and deposits for Bed and Breakfast.




We have registered for the use of a local community bus and used it to organize a trip to the Bike Show which we will be doing again. Christmas run for Age Concern went really well with about 40 people turning up.  This is good PR, we have also started doing raffles to raise money for MAG on the Christmas and Easter runs, marshalling now sussed.  Good attendance to meetings, around 20 people each time.  Easter Egg Run continue to grow with about 260 turning out this year.  Into the pink, nearly a sell out this year and raised approx £ 700. At Whitehaven Carnival we put a stall on and make good money.  Approx  £120 raised plus they paid £65, will have to re-think date.  Crab fair we made £115  and £50 for marshalling coming.  Politically are continually active, doing letters on all that comes our way.  We now have two local political officers.  Good campaign on bikers for voters, but only got 2 replies.  Well attended ride-outs, nights out and rallies.  Thanks for all support by Furness.


Kendal have folded.


Clubs officer not here and no report received. Dave York will email contact details for Harley Davidson Riders GB into central.


Streetbiker:  Delivery and Distribution going well at the moment, but new developments which were discussed at last committee meeting, local reps to report back to groups on this.


Election of Regional Rep:  Is currently Paul Turner, who is happy to stand again.  Anyone else want to stand?  No, all in agreement to let Paul remain standing.



Other regional positions:


Regional Secretary:  Caroline Heaney happy to continue as regional secretary.  Any other volunteers?  No. All in agreement to let Caroline remain as secretary.


Regional Treasurer:  Caroline Heaney happy to continue as regional treasurer.  Any other volunteers?  No.  All in agreement to let Caroline remain as secretary.


Clubs officer:  Phil Sherwood.  Not present at meeting.  Discussed this position and no one volunteered to take on the roll.  Paul proposes that we put it back to the local groups and make a real effort. All agreed.


Regional Dealer Liaison:  Currently unfilled, but working ok at local level.  No volunteers to take on the roll.  Remains un-filled.


Member of the year:  Peter Standish was nominated by Terry Maxwell and seconded by Anne Crayston.  No other nominations.  All agreed.




Paul proposed another official position on committee:  Regional Webmaster.  Brian Hodgson put forward by Paul, seconded by Chris Kelly and all agreed.


Presentation of cheque for £1100.00 to Ian Churchlow from Cumbria MAG Region.