Cumbria M.A.G.

2007 AGM Minutes

Date: 16th September 2007


Venue: Egremont Catholic Club

People present: Caroline Heaney, Anne Crayston, Paul Turner,

Chris Kelly, Peter Standish, David Crayston, Rajeev Sood, Mike Bruce, Mark Bailey, Steve Brennan, Brian Hodgson, Steve Bragg, Paul Rudd, Mark Rudd, Jason Watts.

Non–members: Jan Kelly

Apologies received: Alan Bragg, Dave Wilkinson.


Meeting opened by Paul Turner Regional Rep at 2.10pm


No NC observer, Stan wishes to log a complaint about it.  Paul explained what an NC observer is.  Election of chair, Stan proposed by Anne, seconded by Paul and all agreed. Introduction of  other committee members.


Agenda and minutes of previous AGM agreed and approved.


Regional Reps Report:


Apologies from Paul for not managing to attend many NC meetings, but is keeping in touch with what is going on via email and telephone.  Has attended a interview for management post, David Shaw elected.  It was decided MAG needed a change of image and a new logo was created, since which membership has increased. Paul has been interviewed on local radio re accidents on roads, was a successful exercise.  Have a good voice on local crash meetings, are now well on the map, thanks to David and Rajeev for going along.  Thanks to people attending road safe day where we got a few new members.  David and Paul attended an all day event at Carlisle re highways and accidents, an interesting day, got ourselves known.  Paul is happy to continue as regional rep and after retirement should have more time. He is going to AGC on our behalf.


Any questions to Regional Rep?  How many members in Cumbria (Raj) around 220.  And national membership over 10k now.  Do we know what happened with bike accident at Bothel? (Buzz).  Only have general stats available not specifics.


Presentation of regional accounts: Done by Caroline.  Discussed and decided to send in 1200.00 in on behalf of the county. Proposed by Anne, seconded by Paul all agreed.


Presentation of local accounts received from Whitehaven and Furness.


Local Reports:


Furness:  Stan did a report on behalf of Furness as their local rep not in attendance. Another quiet year.  Their main event on Piel didn’t take place because of poor state of pub, so until renovated won’t be taking place.  Christmas party booked for this year 8th Dec Barrow conservative club with a rock band sorted… date for your diary.  Last years was a success but didn’t make too much money.  Have now moved meetings to The Harbour nr Morrison's.


Whitehaven:   Reasonably busy though not as busy as last year. Applied and received money from Neighbourhood forums and got radios which have been extremely useful for marshalling various events through the year.  Christmas run was only small due to bad weather but still a success. A well attended Easter Egg run and a couple of other social rides outs.  Pink Do was a bit quieter. Not sure if we’ll be doing it next year due to venue wanting money. Got couple of members at Carlisle Road Safe day.  Marshalled carnival but didn’t do a stall this year so didn’t make any money though we have received cheques from The Lions and Crab Fair Committee for the help we provide.  Didn’t have a stall at The Crab Fair either this year.  Crash meetings are good thing to have a hand in.  This year’s Christmas run 2nd December but gonna try finishing down on harbour.  Local website looking good.  Worried about a bit of apathy at meetings, planning to run things down a bit over the next year to give those in positions have a breather as no-one prepared to take over and don’t want to see the group fold by resigning from positions. 


Clubs Officer:  Took on post last year, has contacted local Mcc’s organizations some of which didn’t respond. Heard back from Whistlers, Road Burners. Kindred Spirits, West coast, Millom bike club and DD.  Broad but positive feedback.  Would rather concentrate on keeping individual memberships than club affiliation as would run the risk of losing individual members if clubs don’t renew their affiliation. Is keeping contact with these clubs and keeping good relations.  We were approached by Millom bike club recently regarding diesel spillage problem who came along to a recent committee meeting.  Have got them info pack and will take details to crash meeting.  Will keep on keeping on to encourage stronger ties in the future.  Happy to stay in the roll.  Maybe look to doing something inter club socially and maybe a ride in night like have done previously.  If you’ve any other ideas pass to Rajeev.


Election of Regional Rep:  Is currently Paul Turner, who is happy to stand again.  Anyone else want to stand?  No, all in agreement to let Paul remain standing. Rajeev proposed, David seconded.  All in favour.


Other regional positions:


Regional Secretary:  Caroline Heaney happy to continue as regional secretary.  Any other volunteers?  No. All in agreement to let Caroline remain as secretary. Paul proposed, Anne seconded.  All in favour.


Regional Treasurer:  Caroline Heaney happy to continue as regional treasurer.  Any other volunteers?  No.  All in agreement to let Caroline remain as secretary. Mike proposed, Paul seconded.


Clubs officer:  Rajeev volunteered – Proposed by Mark, seconded by Chris.  All in favour.


Regional Dealer Liaison: Mike proposed by Steve, seconded by Anne, all in favour.


Regional Webmaster:  Brian Hodgson….. Stan proposed Brian, seconded by Raj.  All in favour.


Member of the year: Furness MAG nominated Paul Turner.  W’ven in favour of Paul also…as he’s working well and opening new doors with various groups, for funding and info.  All in favour.


AOB:  If anyone wants to have a chat with Raj about crash meetings feel free to approach him.  Buzz noted he received a hazzard card with his membership and mention the bit of road near mockerkin tarn which we are aware of and have been sending cards in as well.  But nothing happened yet.


Whitehaven MAG on behalf of the county will make a donation of 1200.00 to the fighting fund this year.


Next years AGM will be on Sunday 14th Sept – Mark proposed Stan seconded to be hosted at Furness.


Meeting closed at 2.45pm