Cumbria MAG

2008 AGM Mins

Sunday 14th September 2008


Venue:  St Mathews Community Hall, Barrow.  LA14 5NZ


People present:  Paul, Caroline, Rajeev, Mike, Jan, Chris, Mike M, Barbara, Brian, John M, J Owen, Di & Bill Pugsley.


Apologies received:  Terry Maxwell, Brian Hodgson, Anne Crayston, Peter Standish, Alan Bragg.


Meeting opened by Paul Turner Regional Rep at 1.20pm


NC observer Bill Pugsley and Wife Di observing the observer J from Western (Bristol) area.


Election of Chair – Mike Marsden.


Thanks to all for attending, Furness’s regular chairman cannot attend so Mike standing in.


Review of last years minutes, approved. Proposed by Barbara, seconded by Rajeev all agreed.


Is there any other business to add onto agenda?  No.


Regional Rep report:  Has started to attend NC meetings again.  David Short has resigned and is finishing on 1st Oct so long handover taking place.  Nick Brown replaced Trevor Baird as General Sec.  Reviewing office systems.  At next NC will discuss replacing Dave Short, Paul might help/take over Network?  Cumbria membership seems to be keeping up in numbers.  Any questions to Paul?  No.


Regional accounts presented.  Proposed by Chris 2nd Mike all ok. 


Furness report:  Not much money raised due to no Piel Party but looks like it will be on again soon, Christmas party on Sat 13th Dec.  Backstreet Heros have printed the wrong details regarding Furness meetings but don’t know how it got in there anyway.


Whitehaven report:  Reasonably busy though not as busy as last year.

Change of meeting venue which seems working out ok so far.

Christmas run was only small due to bad weather but still a success. A well attended Easter Egg run and a couple of other social rides outs. No Pink Do . Marshalled wooden spoon which maybe not be on next year.

Marshalled carnival and had a stall this year but due to the terrible weather didn’t make much money though, we have received cheques from The Lions and Crab Fair Committee for the help we provide.

Also held treasure hunt which went well.

Won’t have a stall at The Crab Fair either this year but will be marshalling.

Crash meetings are still a good thing to have a hand in.  This year’s Christmas run Sunday 7th December. 


Club’s Officer Report – Motorcycle Action Group Cumbria Region. 14/9/08 St Matthews Community Hall, near Highfield Rd, Barrow, LA14 5NZ.


An indifferent year for yours truly as club’s officer, with less interest in MAG from any Cumbrian based motorcycle clubs than last year.


With e-mails playing a much bigger part in communications and the weather being so wet, I’ve relied much more on e-mail than face-to- face contact with clubs, though no club has actively contacted me, other than the Millom Bike Group (who are currently a BMF affiliated club).


MBG asked for MAG’s assistance in the Test Centre Closure Protest Ride on 11th of May 2008. Initially they were not going to even contact the DSA (Driver Standards Agency) who operate the test centres nationwide. But through discussions we got them on side, collectively we arranged press releases and gained local press coverage to bring the issue to the attention of other motorcyclists. Also, via MAG’s Communication Officer David Short we managed to get a direct discussion on the subject between MAG & The DSA Chief Executive on the BBC’s Politics Show. The Protest Ride brought mixed reactions from protestors and onlookers alike (mainly the organising and riding to a building site with only a security guard to greet us, instead of a DSA representative), but it served a purpose that shows by working together across the motorcycling fraternity we can bring our cause to the attention of others. A lot of MAG literature was hadedout on the day and we’ve had a few new members on the back of this PR.


It seems many motorcyclists are standing up for their rights locally and feel no great need for MAG’s input. This behaviour is highlighted in another very recent protest by a collective of bikers in the Carlisle area to lobby Carlisle City Council to provide Motorcycle Parking Provision and Signage. Having travelled to Carlisle by motorcycle several times I can understand their concerns, there are no clear designated areas to park motorcycles near the shopping areas.


It also highlights where a local MAG does not exist, bikers will stand up collectively and do what they can to improve motorcycle related issues in their area. We have made several attempts to set up a group in Carlisle over the last fifteen years, and recently invited clubs to affiliate to MAG. Despite positive efforts and hard work these attempts have been unsuccessful.


So for 2009, I hope we active members within MAG Cumbria can work with these clubs, groups or collectives whether they are MAG members or not to improve our collective needs as motorcyclists throughout Cumbria.  This may be the only input MAG can have, but at least we’ll be showing the grass roots level support of fellow motorcyclists.



Rajeev Sood


MAG Life Member




Election of Regional Rep:


Paul is happy to stand as regional rep again, no other volunteers.  Chris proposed 2nd by Jan all agreed.


Paul checked if everyone holding positions on the Cumbria Committee was happy to continue their role and if there was any other people interested in the various jobs.  No new volunteers came forward, so a block vote on all current position holders remaining the same.


Elections of everybody proposed by paul 2nd John Marsden and all agreed.


Member of the year, nomination of Mike Bruce, no other nominations. Presentation of members shield and vote of thanks.


NC observer did a little talk. Interested to hear of our Marshalling/donations received.


Meeting closed:  1.45pm