Cumbria M.A.G.

2009 AGM Minutes

Date: 13th September 2009


Venue: The Haven Club, Hensingham, Whitehaven.

People present: Caroline Heaney, Paul Turner, Anne Crayston, Steve Bragg, Mike Marsden, Dave York, Chris Kelly, Jan Kelly, John Marsden, Bill Barker, Brian Hodgson, Rajeev Sood, John Owen.



Apologies received: David Crayston, Mike Bruce.

NC Observer:  Paul Turner


Meeting opened by Paul Turner at 1.10pm ish who offered to chair meeting.


Introduction of NC observer; Paul Turner and other committee members.


Agenda and minutes of previous AGM agreed and approved.


Regional Reps Report:


Paul is now national chair but did small report:  We’ve had a good year as a club, as a region though we’re small membership wise we seem to set a good example.  Many other groups focus on one main event where we have a good varied social side as well as active political side.  Membership fee going up to £25 in January, however if you’re renewing your membership in 2010 you still get it for £20. Bikers are voters will be kicking off in a big way next year.  Might be letters for MP’s etc. All other events seem to have been a success.


Any questions to Regional Rep or national chair? 


Chris Kelly asked how stormin did, but don’t really know.  Not in debt after last year and very good turn out this year. 


Presentation of regional accounts: Done by Caroline


Presentation of local accounts received from Whitehaven and Verbal report from Furness.






Local Reports:


Furness:  Piel back up and running again, might have a go at another one nighter in a football club.  Christmas party on 5th Dec, got the relics on.  Made a bit of money to set Furness up for next year. Same members as usual at local meetings.


Whitehaven:  Christmas run had bad weather but went ok didn’t make any money for ourselves.  We had a Jennings tour.  Let down by police for egg run and re-planned with no marshalling.  About 1/3 down on attendance but ran ok considering no marshalling.  Will be trying similar set up for this years Christmas run.  Pink party was great fun but made no money.  Terry’s run went well on second attempt made £180.  Done lots of marshalling, Quad bike thing, Carnival, Air Show (plane parking), Wooden spoon (in the dry), Crab fair next weekend.  Have shook a few air ambulance tins and got up to Hartside on border news.  Might have a go at doing proper pink do again.  Paul suggested 7 acres, Anne will try red admiral.  Members have attended mp surgeries but not very productive.  Poor year financially but good otherwise.


Clubs officer report:  Raj took this roll on as caretaker and we now have Whistlers affiliated to mag. 


Webmaster Bri, still up and running.


Election of Regional Rep:  any volunteers for regional rep? Steve Bragg showed interest.  Paul explained what it involves, the group suggested that Steve goes along to a few NC meetings over the next year to get a taste before considering such a major role within Cumbria. As previously discussed at committee meetin we will run the county via the Cumbria committee.  Paul will set up John Marsden as email liason as also agreed at previous committee meeting.


Official vote on above proposal.  Anne proposes run by committee and John will be contact via email and Steve will be put into training. Caroline seconded, all agreed. Paul will keep county contact phone number.


Other regional positions:


Regional Secretary:  Caroline Heaney happy to continue as regional secretary.  Any other volunteers?  No. 

Regional Treasurer:  Caroline Heaney happy to continue as regional treasurer.  Any other volunteers?  No.


Joint vote on above two positions; Dave York proposed Anne second – all agreed.


Clubs officer:  Currently Rajeev who is standing down.  We suggest Steve gives this a go and Rajeev to aid. Caroline prop, Dave York second… all agreed. Argh!


Regional Political officer:  currently unfilled, no volunteers.


Regional Dealer Liaison:  Mike Bruce to continue all agreed in his absence.


Regional Webmaster:  Currently Brian Hodgson, happy to continue, Paul prop, Anne second all agreed Argh!


Member of the year: David Craytson has been nominated, any other nominations? No.  Proposed by Paul, seconded by Rajeev all agreed.. Argh!


AOB: Discussed stickers, in favour of ordering more, Cal will get quote for 200 odd. Can discuss at next committee meeting.


Next NC 10th Oct (Steve will check if he can go and we’ll organize a committee meeting for soon afterwards)


Crash thing at Kendal (safer highways).  These meetings are chaired by police or fire service, capita, local councils attend, it would be good if MAG had a presence at these meetings.  They tend to discuss accident figures etc.  No-one from Furness able to attend.


There is a conference at Castle Green Hotel on Wed 23rd Sept.  9.30am start. “Road Safety beyond 2010”. Can anyone attend? Rajeev hoping to go but no one available from Furness.


Next years AGM will be on Sunday 12th Sept – to be hosted by Furness.


Meeting closed 2.15pm