Cumbria Products

By purchasing any of these products you will be helping your regional MAG group help fight for your rights as a Cumbrian motorcycle rider. No membership of MAG is required to purchase any of these products.

The MAG Cumbria sticker is 75mm in diameter. As you can see from the picture it is semi transparent. Only £1.00 each plus 50p* postage and packing.
The MAG Cumbria patch is 70mm diameter and is made of woven material.

Only £2.00 each plus 50p* postage and packing.

West Cumbria MAG patch. 85mm diameter.

Only £1.00 plus 50p* postage and packing.                       

Into The Pink on a black T-shirt. Available in S, M, L & XL

Only £8.50 plus £2.00 postage and packing

We have some T-shirts from the Glowing Lamb rally for 1995 (3) and 1997 (1).

£5.00 plus £2.00 postage and packing.


Cruise the lakes on a white T-shirt. On the back are seven phone numbers of  motorcycle dealers in Kendal.

£5.00 plus £2.00 post and packing

Metal pin badge from West Cumbria's Nuclear Ram rally. Also available in blue.

Only 50p plus 50p postage and packing.

* You can order as many patches and stickers as you like for the same postage and packing of 50p.

You can save on P&P by arranging to pick the products up from a Whitehaven meeting.

If you have any questions please email our Regional Secretary

To purchase any of these products, contact someone from the Cumbria MAG page.