Wednesday 8th May 2002


Venue: Olde Golden Lion, Keswick


Present: Anne Crayston (AC), Brian Hodgson (BH), Caroline Heaney (CH),        

              Clare Travers (CT), Paul Smith (PS), Terry Maxwell (TM).



Apologies: Mike Marsden




The minutes of the last meeting were read.  After noting that it was decided at the last meeting not to change the design of the Cumbria MAG patch, the minutes were approved.




BH  was unable to contact the last Editor of the Cumbria MAG newsletter to ask if she would like to continue to produce it.

CT will bring stickers for membership forms to next meeting.

CT will order 100 Cumbria MAG patches from Jacquard Weaving.

CT will source Cumbria MAG stickers and order 100, with the aim of being able to sell them for no more than £1 each.

PS contacted the Lowther Castle Inn with regard to organising a social event but their field is no longer available for camping.

CT will circulate committee meeting minutes within 7 days of committee meeting and committee members will have a further 7 days to raise any matters before they are posted on the website.




           a) Whitehaven – Terry Maxwell


                The charity rock night, which took place on 23rd March, raised £130 

                for the Special Care Baby Unit at West Cumberland Hospital.

                100 bikes took part in an enjoyable Easter Egg Run held on 24th

                March.  Simon Taylor, a local policeman, helped with the

                marshalling.  The eggs were donated to Foster Children, Special

                Needs Children and the Children’s Ward at the West Cumberland

                Hospital.  Letters of thanks have been received from the recipients

                of the eggs.

     Simon Taylor is organising BikeSafe talks at Lillyhall College,              

                Workington, on 6th & 23rd May and 6th & 13th June.

                The Kielder run was successful, attracting 40 bikes.

                4 new members attended the last meeting.

     Whitehaven and Workington MAG are planning to have a stall at        

                Whitehaven Carnival on 6th July.

                A social event is being arranged to celebrate the 10th anniversary

                of West Cumbria MAG. A barbeque on August Bank Holiday

                and a run out on the Bank Holiday Monday.

                Whitehaven MAG now have their own website.  The address is



            b) Workington  – Caroline Heaney


                There are only 2 members regularly attending meetings.

                A MAG Awareness meeting is taking place on Monday 13th May to       

                encourage membership.

                Workington’s first social/fund raising event will be a Treasure Hunt

                on Tuesday 4th June (Bank Holiday) starting at the Union Jack Club

                at 12 noon.

                CH has written to the council about providing secure bike parking.

                The reply suggested that now was not a good time for this as they

                are focussing on residential areas rather than the town centre at the


                The proposed Rock Night in May did not take place but it will be re-

                arranged in the future.


c)      Kendal  – Paul Smith


Phase 1 of the new Kendal Traffic Scheme is now in operation.

The new bike shop is having an official opening day and PS is hoping to arrange some MAG promotion at it.

Further to the ‘Bikes in the Dales’ meeting, PS noted that when he passed through Horton in Ribblesdale lately a sign was displayed showing that on one day 800 bikes had passed through!

The Bike Show posters have been printed and invites are being sent out to local clubs.


d)     Furness – Mike Marsden


No report.


e)     Treasurer – Clare Travers


No report


f)        Secretary – Clare Travers


No report


g)     Clubs Liaison  - Anne Crayston


AC is planning a recruitment drive to encourage more clubs to affiliate to MAG.

The Cumbria Tourist Board site ,  www.  has a link to the secure biking page on the Cumbria Mag website.

If we produce a leaflet detailing secure bike parking locations in Cumbria, the Tourist Board will distribute them. AC will look into availability of funding to help with the leaflet costs.

AC may possibly organise an event for affiliated clubs.




Brian Hodgson


Has attended the Kendal, Whitehaven and Workington meetings and will visit the Furness group soon.

Has contacted the Penrith Scramblers Club and is waiting to hear from them.

The Wooden Spoon Society have been in touch to ask for volunteers to help with their fund raising event in the Lake District.

Attended the NC meeting and AGC in Weston super Mare.  A new MAG chairperson was elected at the AGC – Nicky Bassett-Powell.

Has assisted Carlisle Police with their advertising for Bikesafe 2000 and has put a Bikesafe page on the website.

Went to the Furness party on Piel Island and visited the Square Café in Broughton in Furness on the way home.  The owners have agreed to distribute Streetbiker, put up MAG posters and leaflets and display a ‘biker friendly’ sticker.

Attended 2 Bikesafe lectures at Carlisle.

Visited the Lowther Castle Inn and has arranged to host a meeting there to start a Penrith MAG group on 22nd May at 8 pm.  Members in the Penrith area have been mailed details.

Members in the Workington area have also been mailed to tell them about the Awareness Meeting.

BH got some very positive comments from people on the Kielder Run – they had enjoyed the diversity of the roads on the route and praised the way it was organised.

Cumbria membership has increased by 24 to 160 since January.






The Headway charity request for support was discussed.


6.      A.O.B.


BH asked if lapsed members has been mailed yet.  CT will be mailing the Kendal area soon.

BH will get some more leaflets and leaflet holders to distribute to local bike shops.

All discussed what the contents of the Cumbria AGM notification  mailing should be.  Decided to include details of meetings, events, website address and products for sale.  CT will draft a format for approval.

All reps to ask local groups for ideas for celebrating 10 years of Cumbria MAG.

AC suggested that we should contact local free papers that have motorcycle features and see if we can get some free publicity.

BH proposed that we should have a permanent chairman for committee meetings,  AC seconded the proposal and all voted in favour.  PS agreed to be meeting chairman.


7.  The next committee meeting will take place at the Union Jack Club, Senhouse Street, Workington on Wednesday 10th July at 8 pm.