PRESENT:  Anne, Caroline, Mike, Stan, Paul, Mike M, Chris, Jan

                        Guest: Alan Rothery from Dalton


APOLOGIES:  Phil, Dave York, Andy Britton.


Opened:  8.10pm


Alan wants to organize a ride out in aid of prostate awareness and raise money to bring in an automatic prostate test.  Sunday 24th July 2005 from Stollers 8.45am start at 9am £5.00 per rider.  Route to confirm, but probably picking up at St Bees.  Each rider gets sponsored. Has contacted numerous organizations (inc us).  Has backing of Mr Wilson (surgeon) and he’s a nurse himself.  Asking for us to get involved on whatever level possible.  To come along, get sponsors, help advertise.  Hoping to get 1000 riders.


Minutes of Last meeting: 
All agreed (Paul reminded about new Cumbria Email Group)


Appointments & Resignations:    


Matters Arising: 


Devils Bridge: 
Andy has sent word that he is on the ball with the devils bridge issue and will let us know as soon as has any info.  Claire has a key for the shock board at Devils Bridge.  Lancashire has been mis-using it for advertising.  Paul to get key from Claire so we can get control of it and fill it with relevant info.


Pillion issue
 Paul to keep an eye on it and see if anything comes of it.


Risk Assessment: 
General discussion.  Stan is a Risk Assessor and informs the committee that it is the responsibility of the property owner and we therefore do not need to compile one for our do’s (that are mostly in pubs).  Ride outs as previously discussed are the responsibility of  individual riders insurance.


First Aid Course: 
Lancashire Ambulance Course available at £45 quid for a 1 day course Held at Lancashire Headquarters., if we get 12 people its £500 quid and they would come to us. The course does focus on biker related injuries (removal of helmet etc). Will go away to our groups and see how much interest there is.


Cumbria Accounts: 
Caroline will change signatories to Paul & Caroline, Raj is already on there.  Any two of the three.


Affiliated Clubs: 
Phil not here. Anne gave overview of who is currently affiliated and what clubs there are in the area.  We need to have a serious chat with Phil and get things going.  Anne will have a crack with him.


PO Box Review:  Will keep on


Streetbiker Distribution: 
Paul can pick them up from Rugby when he goes in the car.  Price for getting them delivered  £9.99 30kg box (75 mags).  Also, do we consider paying to get them up and trying to sell in Newsagents?  General feeling is it would be a good start to get them into the county for free distribution first.


Political & Campaigns:


General discussion on SORN and Insurance issue, also the continuing TRF Green Lane Issue.


Regional Report:


First NC attended. NC have made Brian Hodgson an honorary life member.

AGC is at Salisbury on 9th April.


Reports from Local Groups: 


Furness Report: 
Superb turn out for Christmas do.  Good Profit and are going to do again next year.  Piel is on Sat 23rd April. £100 donation to Cumbria  MAG.  Good donation to Oncology (cancer). Continuing good turnout to meetings.  Good Friday Run on, details to confirm.


 70 turned up for Christmas run, made £75 for MAG.  Lots of campaigning.  Easter Egg Run on Easter Sunday 27th.  Into the pink on Sat 4th June.  Continuing good turn out, nice Christmas meal…. Terry doing ride out Mon 2nd May (Bank Holiday).


Questions to reps n officers: 


Any other business: 
See start of mins re prostate thing



NEXT MEETING WILL BE ON Monday 11th April at Broughton Café at 8pm


Meeting closed:  9.30pm