Thursday 24th November 2005



PRESENT: Anne, Stan, Paul, Mike, Caroline, Jan, Chris.


APPOLOGIES:  Dave York, Brian H, Andy B.


Opened:  8.15pm


Minutes of Last meeting:  Read and agreed.


Appointments & Resignations:    None



Matters Arising:  See Questions


Political & Campaigns


General discussion on:

Green lane sham

Driving license directive

New off road test (Carlisle)


Questions to reps n officers:


·        Furness Party has got a lot of interest, but tickets only got printed recently.

·        The Road seem to be going well. Are for sale in Ellis Davis, Bigrigg PO and Four Seasons (Crossfield garage). Do Barrow want to try any?  Will leave it for now, and see if it takes off at W’ven.

·        Campaigns Page?  Paul? Anne?  They both forgot… however, Paul will forward information on to Brian within the week! The new off road test stuff will go onto Whitehaven site.  Paul working on it with Elaine Hardy, Alan Bragg and B&B John.

·        Standing Order?  They are reviewing how memberships are paid, but will check.

·        Affiliated clubs?  Bri was going to Roadburners… being covered by local reps, so if anyone knows of any new clubs let your local rep know. 

·        New groups in the region?/ is W’ven going to incorporate all of West Cumbria.

So, discussed:  Choices are we either go all out to try and start a Workington group or concentrate on changing back to West Cumbria as starting a separate group so close could be detremental to the current W’ven group and trying to share events eg Egg Run etc.. thought to be too close geographically to be a success.  The committee decided to vote as to whether to attempt to start a new group in Workington…

Those in favour of starting a new Workington group:  none

Those against starting a new Workington group: six

What about any other groups within Cumbria?  Think if anywhere it should be further afield, eg.. Carlisle, Kendal, Penrith?  The Partnerships i.e. Police, safety cameras, bikesafe etc, including Lancs and York police dept, are going to do a bikesafe event at Devils Bridge on Easter Sunday and Paul thinks it is an ideal opportunity to do a MAG membership drive… Paul will find out more info, because we might not want to be associated with the Safety Camera initiative.  And Anne pointed out we could do that any given Sunday.  We had a general discussion on safety cameras and the implications/ the actual safety issues on the site where they are.  We decided we could put an advert on our own website (maybe on the home page) we will ask Brian to do this. Re; sending out letter to try and find someone prepared to start up a new group, this has been tried before with little success and is quite costly.  A campaign at actual events with hand outs might be better, such as Easter egg run, hartside, local rallys and Carlisle road safety day next year.  Re W’ven reverting to West Cumbria….. will discuss this at local level.

·        Furness Site?  No further on.  Dave is aware but hasn’t got anything done.  We will ask Brian to put a page with contact details so that it looks better than a blank url page.  Stan will remind Dave.



Regional Report:


Has been to crash strategy meeting – very interesting, will get CD’s of what mag is about and give one to all the folk that go.

NW AGM observer, good weekend.

Kevin McQ been onto Paul about casualty boards and is talking about putting up shock boards/notice boards up and would like out input/adverts for mag etc at Devils and Hartside. He is also a biker, works for county highways and was told to look at why there are so many accidents, following chevrons etc and wants to re-do the whole lot, misleading signs and could be better.  Bri will get on board with Paul and give him our opinion. 

Think Bike Campaign looking at putting up road signs in locations where cars have been involved in bike accidents.  Yorkshire and maybe Lancs doing it. 

NC Stuff:  Feedback from Brian’s attendance from October.  E-Bike discussion.

Cumbria AGM went well.


Reports from Local Groups:


Reports were received from: 


Furness Report:


Furness AGM went well…. No change to committee and sussing out new date for Piel. Prob 30th March or 6th April.  Christmas Party all organized.


W’ven Report:


Keeping busy, Christmas Run organized, marshalling Torch light in Egremont, Christmas Meal planned and have been trying to organize first aid course, but didn’t get numbers so he’s coming to do a talk.  Easter Egg run looking like Sunday 9th April 2006.



Any other business:        No


NEXT MEETING WILL BE ON   Thursday 26th January 8pm at Broughton Cafe


Meeting closed:   9.30pm