Committee meeting minutes  26-1-06


The Square Café, Broughton-in-Furness.


Present:  Paul Turner, Anne Crayston, Peter Standish, Jan Bartle, Dave York

Raj Sood & Chris Kelly.


Apologies: Brian Hodgson, Caroline Heaney, & Andy Britton.


1)      Members welcomed (with nice hot open fire!)  & Sign in


2)      Minutes of last meeting read in detail by Anne Crayston. All unanimously agreed as correct.


3)      Matters Arising – Stans Back – Winter Aches & Pains etc


4)      Proposal for Bike safe event at Morcambe Easter sunday 2006, promoted by Kevin Tea Cumbria Safety of Camera asing for Cumbria MAGinput & Partcipation.


5)      MAG local (radiation sign) logo pipes issue, going to use MAG PR Logo corporate instead on local Bike safe leaflets/posters.


6)      Shockboards for Devils Bridge & Hartside Proposed shock tactic designs – ‘To die for….’, ‘Think Bike….’ &  ‘Bends dead ahead’. Mixed opinion for each design, but general agreement that designs are by Cumbria Police & send the positive message out to less aware bikers. Frequency of these signs are displayed possible issue (too many & you may ignore them?) . Also colours in shock signs too outstanding/bland. All present were shown ‘mock ups’ on Paul T’s laptop. Discussion about size, design etc to make them standout, should target cars as well as bikesement (lay-by sign to be used for car driver awareness of bike signs).  Perception of biking/non-biking police at scene of a bike accident, and way stats are presented & interpreted about bike relate accidents. Roy Hinson Traffic Managment officer TMO wants catchy headline.


7)      The Road distribution update – No market in our area for it, need copies to selectively dish out. Noone has enough time to dedicate to this effort to get newsagents & outlets on our side (to push & sell them). Paul T has offered to get out of date issues to give out free to gain interest for current issues.


8)      Affiliated clubs – Brian Hodgson been to see Roadburners MC. No responceat time of committee meeting. Continuing as same vain as last meeting (see Nov 05 minutes)


9)      New group drive – discussed at local level, waiting for right time to expand north west part of Cumbria region.


10)  Furenss websit – 99% sorted per Dave York. Page unavailable issue to be amended once mike Marsden gets info to put on his page.


11)  –Political campaigns – None


12)  Reg rep’ Reports- getting up to 10000 members! Foundation is sound. Any mention of MAG Foundation for charity , a donation must be made  ot the foundation for legality! No matter ho large or small. Problems with standing orders for subs. Public liability – being withdrawn for affiliated clubs – risk to high to MAG – perceived spurious/false claims. Insurance at reduced rate to be offered instead. General discussion of risk assessments. Road feedback on sales – some areas sold well, some didn’t. Training weekend was good. AGC awards – Anne Crayston Whitehaven MAG Rep’ to get Richard Tegg Award, for services to the region & local clubs. Inviting members to reg AGMs via snail mail – not required. Beauty club not being used for Heart of England run.


13)   Furness MAG – Xmas Bash went well, broke even, band Excellent. Piel 1st & 2nd April 2006 – Rody – King of Piel / landlord retirement celebration. Sunday run to Morcabme for Lancashire bike safe do?


14)  W’haven MAG - 80 on Xmas run. Gr8 turnout, one minor prang (old guy, new tyres). Raffle did well back at Lowther arms. Soup was good. Easter egg Run Sunday, 9/4/06. Into the PINK SUMMER party ON 3/6/06. 


15)  Any other business – Lapdances offered Marquee & dancers – declined.


16)   Next meeting:-  Thursday 20th  April 2006.


17)  Meeting ends:21:11 hours


18)  Minuted by R. Sood