Wednesday 10th July 2002


Venue: Union Jack Club, Workington


Present: Anne Crayston (AC), Brian Hodgson (BH), Caroline Heaney (CH),        

              Clare Travers (CT), Paul Smith (PS), Terry Maxwell (TM), Ross

              Hamilton (Observer from Workington MAG) 







The minutes of the last meeting were approved.




BH  has passed details of the Headway charity to Bike Clubs in the area.

CT distributed stickers for membership forms at this meeting.

CT has received 100 Cumbria MAG patches from Jacquard Weaving.

CT still looking for supplier for Cumbria MAG stickers.

CT will circulate draft letter for AGM with the minutes of this meeting.




           a) Whitehaven – Terry Maxwell


                Bike safe:-

The bike safe classes at Lillyhall College were successful with  around 80 people attending. Simon Taylor (Bike policeman) is    contacting people on an individual level for the opportunity of an assessed ride out.

     Whitehaven Carnival:-

The stall on the carnival was a success with £100+ raised for local  MAG funds. We also got a joint membership that has been processed and in general lots of people were made aware of the local groups. We also got a few petitions for the EVSC filled in by the non-biking public. It was even dry all day!

               10th Anniversary Barbeque:-

                The date for the Barbeque is Saturday 24th August starting at 3.00pm. Tickets are £5 a head with all profits going to MAG.

                We have been promised a band and weather protection, not that we will need it cos its going to be scorching!


                Bank Holiday Ride Out.

After the successes of the local ride outs we are hoping that this one will generate the same numbers as the previous few. It is looking like a run over various Lakeland Passes at the moment but when I get a chance to go for a run I will come up with something! Check out the Whitehaven and Cumbria websites for details.


Cumbria MAG Rally Venue.

No I have’nt given up I’m still looking for a suitable venue, preferably like the Blackpool MAG site so if there’s a venue like this in your area then let me know and I’ll ask the questions.


            b) Workington  – Caroline Heaney


                8 people took part in the Treasure Hunt on 4th June and £40 was

                raised.  The weather was good and people had a good time.

Looking into holding a Halloween/fancy dress party at the Union Jack Club.

                Now have 2 more regular attendees at meetings.

                Contact at the Council has provided details of car parks in Cumbria.

                The Keith Matthews Club is doing a fundraising event  and has asked if members will provide an escort from Braithwaite to Workington.    This will involve travelling for some time at speeds which would be damaging to clutches.  After some discussion at the meeting it was decided to ask if there was any other way in which we could help.

                Workington Tourist Information Centre has agreed to display a dispenser with MAG memberships forms.


c)      Kendal  – Paul Smith


In general, 10 people regularly attend Kendal meetings.

The Bike show was successful despite the weather and lots of favourable comments were made by attendees. Thinking about a combined event with the local branch of the Triumph Owners Club next year.

Statistics for the evasion of excise duty was discussed at the last meeting and members thought the figures were too high and wondered if they included pre-SORN bikes that are still in sheds and garages.

A provisional booking of 28th September at Kendal Rugby club for the Cumbria Region 10th Anniversary party has been made.  PS will get more details from Andy Dixon (Kendal member and organiser)   and will also check to see if it clashes with the Hoad Hogs Piel Party.


d)     Furness – Mike Marsden


No report.


e)     Treasurer – Clare Travers


No report


f)        Secretary – Clare Travers


No report


g)     Clubs Liaison  - Anne Crayston


As part of the recruitment drive mentioned at the last meeting, 8 clubs have been contacted but as yet no response has been received.

Neighbourhood Forum funding for Car Park leaflets looks unlikely but sponsorship from bike related businesses is a possibility.

The Salutation at Threlkeld has a private room that is available for committee meetings.

AC is thinking of organising a ‘Meet & Greet’ do for the affiliated clubs with runs from their areas meeting up at either the café at Broughton or the Salutation at Threlkeld.




Brian Hodgson


Penrith MAG has had 2 meetings so far.  3 people attended the first and 4 the second.  BH has agreed to act as Penrith Rep. until November.  2 new members have resulted from these meetings.

2 people attended the MAG Awareness meeting in Workington and both became members.

BH and Rajeev Sood helped at the Wooden Spoon event.

Attended all Bikesafe lectures at Carlisle and found them very interesting.                                                         

Petrol station helmet policies were discussed at the last NC meeting and the NC are to decide whether or not MAG should have a policy on this.  BH has been in contact with Safeway about their policy.

Will be visiting Whitehaven meeting on 5th August, Kendal on 15th August, Workington on 9th September and Barrow on 17th September.

Details of the Kendal website address have been given to Mark Earnshaw ( Kendal member) so that he can develop the site.

Both Trevor Fleming (NW Regional Rep) and an MCC from Yorkshire are interested in reviving the Glowing Lamb.

All MAG regional reps now have their own phone numbers – these numbers go with the job so that if the rep changes the phone number doesn’t.  The Cumbria number is 0870 7443550.

BH may not be able to attend the Cumbria AGM due to work commitments – he will not be able to confirm until the day before.

BH asked PS to get him details of the event licensing authority for the Kendal area.






Petrol Station Survey

Discussion took place.  Kendal members have no objection to removing helmets when paying but they do object to removing them before the pumps are switched on and to paying in advance.

See Brians’s page on the Cumbria website for more information on this subject.


6.      A.O.B.


Cumbria AGM

Letter to sent out to members at least 2 weeks in advance.  Meeting to have a start and finish time.  AC proposed that postage costs for the letter be charged to the Cumbria account and there was an unanimous vote in favour.  TM suggested circulating the letter by email to those members whose email contact addresses we have.  BH said the rules meant that it had to be done by post.  Stan (Furness member) has organised the venue and BH will contact him to confirm details.  Voting slips will be needed for the meeting.


The Rep’s Handbook can be found on the MAG UK website.


Discussion took place about the resurrection of the Glowing Lamb.


Cumbria patches were distributed.  A selling price of £2 was agreed.


7.  The next committee meeting will take place at the Salutation,Threlkeld on Wednesday 11th September at 8 pm.