Committee meeting minutes  20th April 2006


The Square Café, Broughton-in-Furness.


Present:  Paul Turner, Anne Crayston, Peter Standish, Jan Bartle, Dave York, Caroline Heaney, Mike Bruce, Brian Hodgson, Chris Kelly.


Apologies: None received


Opened:  8.15pm ish


Minutes of Last meeting:  Minutes read by Anne all agreed


Appointments & Resignations:   Paul T has given for-warning that he will not be standing for Regional Rep at the next meeting as he will find it difficult to attend the NC meetings.  Local groups are to ask around to see if anyone might be interested before the AGM comes round.  Should there be no-one forthcoming, Paul will happily continue to be Cumbria’s point of contact and of course anyone is welcome to go down the NC’s in his place.


Matters Arising: 


·        Hartside shock boards are getting made up and we will keep responsible for keeping it up to date –  Paul T will have the key. 

·        Still looking into doing one at Devils which will include car accidents too. Will make a special event when launching it.

·        Morecambe Bikesafe Day – Good Run but poor event… not much there, but lots of dealers didn’t turn up.  Idea maybe to have a scooter show and a custom bike show… plenty of people went but just not much to see.

·        AGC:  Paul’s report.  New female chairperson who Paul was quite impressed with, but disappointed that youth and student membership didn’t go through.  Average age of MAG members is getting older and we feel that we desperately need to attract younger people. Not much else to report.

·        Regional Reps Report: See resignations header above.  Paul giving us a heads up for AGM which is in Sunday 17th September at Catholic Club Egremont, same weekend as Crab Fair, so bit of a get together too.

·        Furness Site:  Is all up and running now… HURRAH!

·        Affiliated Clubs:  Don’t think Roadburners will be affiliating probably because of liability insurance not being available.  We want Bri to put an advert (more noticable) for people who maybe want to start a new group in a different area.  Also will make an effort this year to try and push at idea of new groups at events, Hartside, Devils and other such places.  Paul will sort some dates out. Brian will also have a go at starting a group up poss at Carlisle. Any other ideas shout up.


Political & Campaigns:


Questions to reps n officers:


Regional Report:


·        The Road – small paragraph about hospital visiting in this edditon which is an idea Paul put forward, but that’s a bit wrong.  Paul meant about offering a local knowledge service for people who may have someone who has had an accident in our county and has relatives wanting local info on b & b’s etc.  So that there is a point of contact.


Reports from Local Groups:


Reports were received from:


Furness:  No rep to report, but the run went well.


Whitehaven:  Easter egg run went well 280 bikes ish and we had snow… made £100 on a raffle but we gave a donation to the pub for the soup.  Also the £60 odd quid donation will be for mayfield next year.  Terry’s Spin on the 1st Bank Holiday in May and the second BH we’re having a laal spin to the Brown Cow at Wabberthwaite (probably), and then the pink do of course Sat 3rd June….. SELL SELL SELL. 


Any other business:


The Square Café Biker Friendly Sign has been pulled down… but not by the owners.  The owner is now concerned that word will spread that its no longer biker friendly… please spread the word and re-assure all your biker buddies.


NEXT MEETING WILL BE ON Tuesday 11th July 8pm at the café


Meeting closed: 9.15pm ish