Cumbria M.A.G.

2006 AGM Minutes

Date: 17th September 2006


Venue: Egremont Catholic Club

People present: Caroline Heaney, Anne Crayston, Paul Turner,

Chris Kelly, Craig Hukins, Peter Standish, George Wilson, David Crayston, Rajeev Sood, Mike Bruce.


Apologies received: Terry Maxwell.


Meeting opened by Paul Turner Regional Rep at 2.15pm


Introduction of NC observer Steve Wykes and other committee members.


Agenda and minutes of previous AGM agreed and approved.


Regional Reps Report:


The last twelve months seems to have flown in, has attended most NC meetings and Brian Hodgson stood in at one. They are well worth going to, enables an input from Cumbria at national level.  Attended Road Strategy meetings ran by police, including things like SMIDSY campaign.  County Highways have started to replace signs at Hartside and the shock boards.  New plans if continues as regional rep, will try to attend all NC’s and will look at increasing members. We have a Steady 200 members in our region. Anne got the Richard Tegg award which we’re very proud of…… round of applause.  Next AGC in Lincolnshire.


Any questions to Regional Rep?  No


Presentation of regional accounts: Done by Caroline


Presentation of local accounts received from Whitehaven and Furness.


Local Reports:


Furness:  Stan did a report on behalf of Furness as their local rep not in attendance.  No Piel party as pub has no landlord, but hopeful of new landlord next year.  Christmas Party not as successful as previous year, but on again this year we think on Sat 9th December.




Whitehaven:  Another really good year with a varied events calendar.  Christmas and Easter Runs continue to get bigger.  Making a bit of money too.  Asking for money from Neighborhood forums for radios for such events.  Two Bank Holiday runs (just for fun), thanks to Terry.  A Treasure Hunt which was great, thanks to Tammy.  Back to Marshalling events, Wooden spoon, Crab fair, Carnival, Torchlight, which we get financial donations for.  We’re quite in demand and keep getting contacted regularly by other groups asking if we can supply marshal’s.  Pink party huge success made 1100.00.  Had a stall at the Carlisle Road Safe day where we sold a few products and got a few new members.  Day at Devils Bridge where we got some new memberships and rattled some tins for the North air ambulance.  We’ve supported the following campaigns, Third license directive and wire rope barriers and recently on a local level sent in some road hazard cards.  Making money any way we can.  Even making cakes…….  Upcoming event: Christmas Run Sunday 3rd December.  Sent in a 1500.00 donation to the fighting fund in September.


Election of Regional Rep:  Is currently Paul Turner, who is happy to stand again.  Anyone else want to stand?  No, all in agreement to let Paul remains standing. Rajeev proposed, George seconded.


Other regional positions:


Regional Secretary:  Caroline Heaney happy to continue as regional secretary.  Any other volunteers?  No. All in agreement to let Caroline remain as secretary. Paul proposed, Craig seconded.


Regional Treasurer:  Caroline Heaney happy to continue as regional treasurer.  Any other volunteers?  No.  All in agreement to let Caroline remain as secretary. Stan proposed, David seconded.


Clubs officer:  Rajeev volunteered – Proposed by Cal, seconded by Chris.


Regional Dealer Liaison:  Currently unfilled, but working ok at local level.  No volunteers to take on the roll.  Remains un-filled.


Regional Webmaster:  Brian Hodgson….. Anne proposed Brian, seconded by George.  We’re all happy and hope Brian is too.


Member of the year: Anne nominated Caroline, seconded by Stan.


AOB:  George asked how we tackle Carlisle and the Borders.  General discussion…… Paul said if anyone is talking to anyone from these areas who sounds interested in starting a group let him know.  There is funding available for mailshots etc.


Whitehaven MAG have made a donation of 1500.00 to the fighting fund this year.


Rajeev asked if MAG central was thinking about any new incentive ideas to increase memberships… NC observer explained new Dealer deals, which may help.


Off Roading – MAG giving support to groups fighting it.  General discussion.


Steve Wykes:  MAG had a good year and membership stable and finances good.  Third Driving License Directive, MAG and BMF unhappy with the way FEMA were putting the argument forward so MAG campaigned by way of a demo run etc and MP’s are now listening. Also working with Norwegian and Dutch on wire rope barriers etc…. we ask they take into account motorcyclists when designing these things.  EVSC – now known as ISA continuing our opposition – gonna have to get involved and get it stopped.


Next years AGM will be on Sunday 16th Sept – to be hosted at Furness.