Cumbria MAG Committee meeting – Black Cock Inn, Broughton in Furness. Wednesday 30th July 2008.


Meeting opened 7.30pm


Present:  Paul, Cal, Anne, Raj, Dave York, Crud, Mike B, Stan, Mike M, Jan, Steve.


Apologies:  Chris, Brian.




Cumbria AGM – Date set for Sunday 14th September to be held by Furness MAG at St Matthews Church Hall, Highfield Road (down from the cemetery) Barrow – in – Furness, Jan from Furness will confirm when booked.


National issues:


A possibility of a test centre being set up at Barrow but may be only temporary.  Still being looked at nationally, but doesn’t look too promising.  Think it was done on the quiet and was picked up on too late.


Who should have access to the national database, currently regional rep only but Paul thinks should be available on a local level.


Paul has also asked for info on surrounding areas, eg Lancaster who could fall into Furness’ catchment area and who don’t have other alternative.


Paul put in to become a national director for MAG.  Assures us there will be no conflict with his role as regional rep.


Local Rep Report: 




Christmas party booked Sat 13th Dec at The labour club (behind mcd’s), local band called The Relics.  They’re on facebook.


Piel Island -  has been refurbished and is open. Will be making enquiries about a one nighter or something.




Egg Run – lots of folk and went well.

A few fun runs and people attending the crash meetings in our area

Marshalled wooden spoon

Carnival (didn’t make much)

T Hunt (didn’t make much)

Will be doing Crab Fair

Thinkin about doin a Halloween run maybe at Luckies and there’s camping

Toying with the idea of a run on bank holiday up to Heskett with camp over


AOB?  Raj came across an article in the westmorland gazette regarding £6500 savings per year on switchin to two wheels. Saving time, money and more enviro friendly.


Meeting closed 8.10pm