Cumbria MAG Committee Meeting

Thursday 23rd April 2009


Here:  Stan, Jan, Chris, Mike, Paul, Raj, Anne, Dave, Caroline.


Apologies:  Brian, John, Mike.


Meeting opened at 19.40 by Stan


Paul resigns as regional rep because he has taken on national chair.


We therefore either need a new regional rep or a point of contact for the region for emails from NC, this person will be given a national mag phone number.  We also need to keep up our presence at the national committee meetings. 


Dave York has already offered as has Rajeev to go to odd NC Meeting, (in Aug will be held at Yorkshire pud rally). 


Paul is happy to keep the phone number so all we really need is someone to take on the emails, sift them and forward the relevant ones.  No-one very interested, though we wonder if John Marsden would be interested as he seems to be on the ball with getting and sending out info on mag issues anyway.  If Paul as national chair gets the emails more streamlined into a on-line discussion forum, so you donít have 20-30 emails to filter through every day, then Anne might be interested.


For external Cumbria mag contacts, Paul will set up a diversion from his email to my


We will ask John if he will take NC emails and in the mean time, Paul will continue to receive them, and then if the forum thing comes off Anne would be prepared to come into the loop.


AOB:  Date for next committee meeting?  Sunday 28th June 5pm at The Manor Arms, Broughton in Furness, (so that hopefully John M can make meeting).


Meeting closed.