Wednesday 11th September 2002


Venue: Salutation Inn, Threlkeld


Present: Anne Crayston (AC), Brian Hodgson (BH), Caroline Heaney (CH),        

              Terry Maxwell (TM)



Apologies: Clare Travers (CT), Paul Smith (PS), Mike Marsden (MM)




The minutes of the last meeting were approved.




CT unavailable to give report back on actions from previous meeting hence actions left as outstanding.


CT still looking for supplier for Cumbria MAG stickers.

CT will circulate draft letter for AGM with the minutes of this meeting.




           a) Whitehaven – Terry Maxwell



               10th Anniversary Barbeque: -

                The barbeque was a success much to the surprise of the local committee with around 20 people turning up. We made about £80 profit for MAG funds. We had a few problems i.e. the Band cancelled at 7.00pm on the Thursday night but thanks to Archie, a friend of Raj, we were able to entertain the diners with a Disco (for a bottle of wine!!). As promised the weather was excellent check out the website for a fuller report.


                Bank Holiday Ride Out.

Well yet again the weather for the Ride Out was scorching and with 20+ riders turning up at Egremont we were in for another good day. We headed north to Wigton across to Penrith down the A6 to Kendal and across to Hawes for lunch before heading back by Ingleton and along the A65 to eventually take the south lakes route home.

Stopping at the Broughton Café it surprised me how many folk don’t venture further than Keswick on their bikes! Everyone enjoyed the day and looked forward to the next one. This seems a prime area for recruiting new members as other clubs don’t seem to be doing these types of events, we even may consider an overnight run for next year…


Cumbria MAG Rally Venue.


No I haven’t given up I’m still looking for a suitable venue, the old Brainz Trust site has been suggested so it could be one to follow up also Ross from Workington has suggested an airfield at Kirkbride so I will be checking these out.


            b) Workington  – Caroline Heaney

Workington have organised a Halloween Party at the Union Jack club in Workington at 8.00pm on the 26th of October, a bus may run from the Seascale area if there is enough interest. Phone or e-mail CH for details.


Distributed Fear Factor survey to the Workington group.


A new dispenser for MAG membership forms is now in Cockermouth Motorcycles.


c)      Kendal  – Paul Smith


No report.


d)     Furness – Mike Marsden


No report.


e)     Treasurer – Clare Travers


No report


f)        Secretary – Clare Travers


No report


g)     Clubs Liaison  - Anne Crayston


Meet and Greet – 20 people turned up from the four local clubs that attended (Trial Riders Fellowship, South Lakes, British Furness and West Coast. Good food and crack was enjoyed by all who attended with some interesting discussions?! The meet was held at the Broughton Square Café (which may be a better place for committee meetings?) AC is considering making the meet an annual event.

She also is in the process of affiliating two more local groups.








Brian Hodgson

Marshalled at the Mega Show at the Grand Prix at Donnington Park.

Visited the local groups including Whitehaven, Workington and Kendal to get feedback from the groups on national issues.

Marshalled at the Isle of Anglesey Show (instead of coming to our barbeque!!TM).

Missed the last National Committee Meeting due to work commitments and looking for stand in for other meetings when unavailable.

Still standing as the Rep for Penrith until someone from the group will take over (till November!!).

Attended the meet and greet and gave the attending groups a brief on issues recently raised nationally.





Petrol Station Survey

Brian gave us a brief report on what was happening, we are awaiting a reply from Safeway on their position.

See Brian’s page on the Cumbria website for more information on this subject.


6.      A.O.B.


Any local Reps unable to make the committee meeting are asked to send a representative if possible or a report if they can not!

            The next committee meeting will take place at

            The Salutation Inn, Threlkeld on Wednesday 13th November at 8 pm.