Opened:  8.05pm


Minutes of last meeting – 1 error, Isle of man – deleted by Brian – now agreed.


Matters arising: 


Diesel stickers:  handed out to reps (handful each) try to put on back of cars, petrol stations if possible.


Contact Kendal MAG: 


Contact made with Kendal MAG;


Cumbria MAG AGM -   Sunday 21st September 2003 – At Kendal Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal. At 1pm.


Terry will now sort out the plaque for Raj’s “Member of the year” award and Brian will inform Paul not to bother.


Claire will try to get minutes from last AGM out ASAP.


Political & Campaigns:

Theft Survey (UK/Netherlands)– reps to distribute – this is the important survey at the moment which MAG will get info from. 

EVSC:  Still collecting signatures, trials are ongoing in Leeds.

Diesel Campaigning on going (hence stickers).

Questions to reps n officers: 

Now put in by email – ok

Regional Reps NC Report: 

A bike club wants to become a MAG group – sound good to us.

All Treasurers must ensure that their banks/building societies are aware that MAG is a voluntary organization. 

List of Clubs to be made available to clubs liaison officer. (Hurrah).

Cumbria Rally: 15 Local volunteers – which Brian thinks is insufficient – on hold until we have more interest. 

AGC Car Farepool:  We’re brill and pay all the time. Discussed the way the Car Pool works and majority don’t like it.  Most were under the impression that if they don’t claim money left over went to MAG.  Now we understand and hope that the people who do claim are not taking advantage…we will however be claiming in the future. THE END.

Marshalls required for Stormin, Magna carta etc.

Any reps requiring materials from MAG  – must make a request to Bri before the end of each odd month i.e. March, May.  So he can bring them back (providing the items are not too bulky).

Start to enquire if we know of anyone knows of how we can get Streetbikers from Coventry to Penrith…ask around.

So, Bri, in the meantime will try to bring 100 home each time in his paniers.

Bri was sent a copy of the “Cumbria & Lake District Joint Structure Plan 2001-2016” Bri will read and report back.

Brian’s dates for group visits: 

Kendal 7th August

Furness 15th July

Workington 27th  August

Whitehaven 21st July 

Membership figures have started to increase (Hurrah!)

Reports from Local Groups

Report were received from: 

Whitehaven – Terry Maxwell

Workington – Caroline Heaney

Furness – Mike Marsden

Dealer Liason – Paul Turner

Clubs Liason – Anne Crayston

Regional Rep – Brian Hodgson

General Discussion: 

Whitehaven MAG made £152.00 at the carnival 

Furness have sorted date for Christmas Party Friday 12th December 7.30pm at The Travellers – Fancy Dress Optional.

Anne sorted meet n greet for Thursday 28th August at the Broughton Café, requested reps to come along.  No time confirmed as yet….. 

Anne has approached the Red Admiral pub near Gosforth, about putting on a do, owner sounds interested, will put up Marque, do cheap food,.. would take approximately 200 people, and is suiteable for a 1 nighter.  Will make further enquiries.  Might try something in October. Full report and business plan by next CCM, Anne will get a date, cos we’re all interested. 

Whitehaven MAG have organised a Barbeque and short ride out on Satruday 12th July that will be follwed by a few beers around Whitehaven.

Cumbria MAG Products:

Bri’s bag of goodies still missing….Mike checking wid AndyBritton to see if he knows where the products bag is?

Claire was getting smaller Cumbria Stickers and the yellow was too transparent, no word on replacements…

Bri want to know if we want to discuss a MAG Cumbria Sweatshirt – we say yes.  Will discuss and get back next time.

Advanced Business:



Caroline now mins secretary (cos I got a laptop).

Next Committee Meeting will be on Wednesday 10th September at Broughton Café (voted a good venue) at 8pm.

Meeting closed 10pm ish.