Cumbria M.A.G.

2003 AGM Minutes



Date: 21st September 2003


Venue: Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal.


12 people present:                Brian Hodgson, Anne Crayston, Caroline Heaney, Paul Smith, Terry Maxwell,

Mike Marsden, Peter Standish, Rajeev Sood, Peter Steen, Andy Britten, Chris Kelly and NC Observer Robin Straughan.


Apologies received:            Paul Turner, George Wilson and Claire Travers.


1.        Cumbria committee chairman, Paul Smith, opened the meeting at 1.20pm

2.        NC observer, Robin Straw.

3.        It was agreed that Paul Smith would chair the AGM. Minutes of 2002 AGM were adopted.

4.        Agreed to adopt standard AGM agenda and pass over any items that were not relevant.

5.        Regional Reps Report:

Penrith Group has folded due to a lack of attandance.

Workington Group has suspended their meetings.

Carlisle;  currently looking for a venue to hold meetings.

Cumbria Membership currently at 142

It has been decided a PO Box will be purchased for the use of any Cumbria MAG Group on permision from the Committee.

Regional Rep now has a permanent telephone number

Cumbria has a permanent Email and Website address

We continue to support Bikesafe (no-one who has attended a Bikesafe course in Cumbria has been involved in an accident)

EVSC:  Campaign Continues, and there are currently trials going on in Leeds

Cumbria MAG Rally – there are plenty of volunteers from outside the county should we require them.

Deputy Rep:  George Wilson has resigned

Thanks to:  Rajeev Sood, Paul Turner and David Crayston for marshalling the Wooden Spoon Event

Diesal stickers have been a big success, there may be more stickers becoming available (with web address)

Streetbiker:  Still require transportation from Rugby into the county.


      6.     No questions to Regional Rep


      7.     Regional Financial Report made available – Profit of £174.94

              New small Cumbria MAG Stickers now available and distributed


      8.       Accounts from local groups presented


      9.       It was decided to cover items 9 to 10 with the following reports


                Regional Clubs Officer Report


                Public Liability Insurance is now available from May to May

                We currently have 4 clubs affiliated

                We have a dedicated page on the website for affiliation

                A successful meet and greet was held at Broughton Square Café

                Visited Ulverston District

                BMF offer Insurance cover for Committee’s



Workington Report


                Meetings are for the time being suspended due to lack of attendees at meeings

                Active in the organising of the Into The Pink Party


Kendal Report


No-one attending meetings

No bike show took place this year as the Brewery Arts Centre was no available on the dates required, but

hope to run again next year

Shock board at Kirkby Lonsdale updated

Remaining active in Traffic Steering Group


Whitehaven Report


Group continues to increase in numbers (Hurrah!)

Two successful ride outs

Actively supported and attended other events

Huge turnout at the Easter Egg Run (150)

Attended Bikesafe

Many successful fundraising events:  Carnival


                                                   Crab Fair

                Working on the                                       Into The Pink


                Furness Report


                Mike has been running the area for 2 years now and gets round 8 people on average at the meetings

                Have donated £200 to charity

                Have donated £150 to MAG

                Successful and well attended Good Friday Ride Out

                Great 100 strong Piel Island Party turn out (may need to limit number next year)

                Christmas Party organised (B & B available)

                Great Cumbria MAG Turnout at the Stormin’


11.                 Dealer Liason Officer – not present but send a report.


12.           Streetbiker (covered in Regional Reps Report)


13.             Regional Event:  Into The Pink Party on Saturday 11th October 2003 GO GIRLS!


14.             MAG Annual Raffle – tickets are now out – Prize Daytona 600 (in yellow)


15.             Regional Products:  Patches £2 and Stickers £1


16.             Good Old Brian they say (remains as our Regional Rep)


17.             Elections:  Election of new Regional Secretary:  Caroline Heaney

Nominated by Anne Crayston – all agreed


All other positions remain standing

Regional Rep - Brian Hodgson.

Regional Secretary - Caroline Heaney

Regional treasurer - Clare Travers

Regional Clubs - Anne Crayston

Regional Dealers - Paul Turner



18.             Advance Proposals – None



19.             Any Other Business – Car Pool, are all groups paying in? Does it work?

               Brian will propose this is scrapped at the next NC meeting

                Next AGM will probably be at Whitehaven

                Robin is HAPPY!!!


                MEMBER OF THE YEAR! – Terry Nominated Anne Crayston, seconded by Caroline Heaney

                BLOODY WELL DONE YOU!!!!!


                Whoever wins the trophy their local group is responsible for getting it engraved.


Meeting Closed at 2pm


Til next year……………