Cumbria M.A.G.

2010 AGM Minutes

Date: 12th September 2010


Venue: St Matthews Community Hall, Barrow, LA14 5NZ.

People present: Caroline Heaney, Paul Turner, Jan Kelly, John Marsden, Darren Keay, John Owen, Anne Crayston, Rajeev Sood, Dave York, Mike Bruce, Chris Kelly, Peter Standish, Chris Tucker.



Apologies received: Mike Marsden

NC Observer:  Paul Turner


Meeting opened by Peter Standish at 1.30pm who offered to chair meeting.


Introduction of NC observer; Paul Turner and other committee members.


Agenda and minutes of previous AGM agreed and approved.


Regional Reps Report:


We currently don’t have one.  Report from John (Cumbria contact), John has had 15 replies from people wanting to be on contact list and got new member from Appleby interested.  Suzuki owners also get network and other releases.


Any questions to Regional Rep or national chair? 


Presentation of regional accounts: Done by Caroline, will send cq in to fighting fund for £700.


Presentation of local accounts received from Whitehaven and Verbal report from Furness.



Local Reports:




Piel party at start of year was a success.  Landlord of piel charging for camping so need to discuss/negotiate with him. Got a new member.  Christmas party planned for Sat 4th Dec (first Sat in December) at Labour club, got DJ but no band yet.




Whitehaven MAG reps report 2010 – Anne Crayston

It’s been another eventful & busy year for Whitehaven MAG members.


It seems our marsaling reputation is now well known and appreciated throughout the county.


Since the 2009 Cumbria MAG A.G.M. the group has marshalled at the Egremont Crab Fair, The West Cumbrian Run (in memory of MAG member PC Bill Barker), Whitehaven Carnival, The Kirkbride Airfield Open Day, The Cumbrian Round of the ACU British Quad Championship at Dean Moor, and very recently the Wooden Spoon. In most cases we have been fortunate enough to receive donations in lieu of our help.


In total, hard working members have given up their time, and energy to raise around £350 for M.A.G. This method of fundraising as well has increasing funding has given us all a sense of helping in our community, increased our promotional ability and, improved our image and reputuation. But the main factor is that is keeps us going socially as a group, it gets members together.


Amongst our own events we have held the Annual Christmas & Easter Egg Ride-outs which were both well attended and received many donations for our local causes.


Terry ‘Bulldog’ Maxwell planned, and hosted his annual ride out to Kielder in the borders, and raised £120, £60 of which went to MAG and £60 to The Bill Barker Memorial Fund.


The Group discussed resurrecting the ‘Into The Pink’ Rally at Gosforth but the situation for the venue hasn’t changed, so consideration for a 2011 Rally at a different location may be followed up.


On the promotional front the ‘Group attended Paddy Tysons ‘Riders Are Voters’ which was attended by around 30 local bikers, and local politicians (with the exception of Jamie Reed MP!).

Also handed out leaflets and information and sold raffle tickets at Devils Bridge in early August.


Another element of the last year has been an emotional one, with the loss of Billy Barker, who was a MAG member and supporter for many years. Bill in recent years had been a Motorcycle Traffic Officer, following his passion for bikes and making it part of his long standing career in the Cumbria Constabulary as PC 642. He was instrumental in helping us get Police assistance for the Easter & Christmas Charity Ride Outs, being a bridge between Police and Motorcycling community, and thrusting MAG membership forms into the hand of any biker he came across on or off duty.

He was a charismatic member who was never short of a good crack and laugh at meetings, on a ride, or on a night out. He also was influential in a website re-design that we hope it launch in the coming months. He and another member, Steve Bragg, had taken part in the Boundary 500 charity ride in Aid of GNAAS in 2009, but meant they had to start the ride from Stockton-on- Tees in the North East almost doubling the mileage they would have to do. They completed the ride and then lobbied the organisers to have the run start from two points, with the new one being in West Cumbria. Billy & Steve succeeded in that effort to make the ride more accessible to Cumbrian bikers.


 To honour Billys memory many members and friends colleagues of Billy completed the 2010 Boundary 500. The Pride of Cumbria Air Ambulance Charity was one of Bills passions having seen the Air Ambulance at Work when he had to attend serious road traffic accidents. He had raised 1000’s of pounds himself making and selling tie-pins and badges. 


Billy’s death hit the Whitehaven MAG pretty hard, and having been such a larger than life friend he is greatly missed by us all. 



Election of Regional Rep:  Anne suggested John who is willing to take on position and continue doing what he’s doing, but on the understanding he won’t be able to make any of the NC meetings.  Someone else can go in his stead.  Dave York 2nd and all are in favour.


Other regional positions:


Regional Secretary:  Caroline Heaney happy to continue as regional secretary.  Any other volunteers?  No. 

Regional Treasurer:  Caroline Heaney happy to continue as regional treasurer.  Any other volunteers?  No.


Joint vote on above two positions, Mike proposed, Rajeev 2nd all in favour.


Clubs officer:  Currently Steve but not aware of any progress.  If Brian still willing to have a go, we’re all in favour.  Anne proposed, Rajeev 2nd all agreed.


Regional Political officer:  currently unfilled, no volunteers.  (John’s doing it anway.)


Regional Dealer Liaison:  Mike Bruce to continue Chris proposed, Darren 2nd all agreed. 


Regional Webmaster:  Currently Brian Hodgson, happy to continue we think?!  John proposed, Dave 2nd all agreed.


Member of the year: John Marsden has been nominated, any other nominations? No. Whitehaven group proposed, Furness 2nd all agreed.  Will have a committee meeting or a night out probably in Broughton? To present trophy. (Any excuse)


AOB: Paul brought us up-to-date on a few National matters. Money sent in can be specifically for something if you want, eg stickers, membership forms.  We decided they could spend it on stopping the European mot and limited bhp.   MAG New Zealand and Australia up and running.


Next years AGM will be on Sunday 18th Sept – to be hosted by Whitehaven


Meeting closed 2.15pm